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Psalm 91 Prayer Not Coronavirus
March 11, 2020 11:51 AM PDT
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Listen to Psalm 91!
a word filled with faith and hope.
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How easy is a thought of faith?
February 26, 2020 04:53 PM PST
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All she did was touch him!
Listen to this podcast to release a simple faith that moves God

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Rapture of the Saints - When did God change his mind?
February 11, 2020 05:28 PM PST
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This podcast is going to be a little different because I’ve decided to discuss the soon coming rapture of the saints, and a vision given to Maurice Sklar back in Jan 2019.

Should we expect the rapture by 2023?!
Take a listen!



Defining Evil Part 2 - The Natural Mind
January 27, 2020 06:41 PM PST
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Defining Evil - Where is God When?
January 26, 2020 10:09 AM PST
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Defining Evil - Where is God When? You fill in the blank.

Awaken 2020 Kanye West Report
January 23, 2020 04:20 PM PST
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The premise of the AWAKEN 2020 was to bring revival to the cities but I would not call this a revival. Let’s get right into it! The worst & best speaker

Jan 22 Devotional - Exodus 3:1-17; Luke 22:14-20
January 22, 2020 08:33 PM PST
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Awaken 2020 Kanye West Wheat or Tare
January 17, 2020 05:57 PM PST
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Awaken 2020 hits Arizona SOLD OUT EVENT Public Frenzy when Kanye West joins the line up of speakers. Update next week!

God Save the Queen
November 28, 2016 08:27 AM PST
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In a parable like fashion, the scriptures tell us that the church is likened to God’s wife and therefore we are a Queen in waiting. Yet, we have forgotten our sense of duty to God’s Kingdom and instead, we seek pleasure at all cost. I was an exotic dancer for over 13 years. There was a brief time when I made nearly $4,000 a night. But God had my life marked (thanks to my momma and her request for so many prayers). So did the strip clubs “house mom”. Within a very short time, this door with raining money behind it slammed shut and locked me out. Our loving Lord has taken a moral and legal obligation, he has sworn an oath to Himself a Kingdom of truth and Love in purity to bless me with His duty. Duty is defined as a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility, a task or action that someone is required to perform. He loves me so much, that he refused to allow me to give away my royalty, my title, and my value. God held himself to a sense of duty to His Kingdom and to answer my mother’s prayers (RIP GG). Door after door shut and now, after full surrender and many years, I find myself here… talking to you and filled with peace. God can do the same for you as He did for me. Trust him to close doors because He loves you. Listen to the podcast God Save the Queen!